Mystery Shopping Feedback Part 2
Personal AppearanceNeeds a washA bit scruffyFineProfessionalPerfect presentationPersonal Appearance
Stop/Knock TechniqueObstructiveAnnoyingFinePersonableWarm and friendlyStop/Knock Technique
Team/Stand AppearanceA hot messNeeds a tidyPresentableEye catchingPerfect presentationTeam/Stand Appearance
Rapport & QualificationFailed qualification but pitchedNot a sausageQualified but rudeClunky but successfulFull & friendly checkRapport & Qualification
Charity KnowledgeFake newsNeeds to reviseGoodMost main points100% correctCharity Knowledge
Pressure vs PassionIntimidatingPersistent without passionGoodCould push a bit morePassionate and persistentPressure vs Passion
Pitch QualityBoringNot so goodGoodEntertainingInspirationalPitch Quality
ComplianceIllegalProbable breachGoodPretty goodFully CompliantCompliance

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