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In 2020, the Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section) embarked on a new Fundraising and Philanthropy Strategy, focused on growing their Regular Giving portfolio, focusing on Face to Face fundraising as their main acquisition channel.

Unbeknownst to them, the launch would coincide with the outbreak of the COVID pandemic … but that story’s for another day.

An unchartered form of regular giving acquisition for RFDS QLD and with limited internal knowledge in the implementation and maintenance of the channel, the team sought support and help from the outside to ensure the campaigns success.


Fundraising Partners were brought in initially to run Mystery Shopping, but the remit soon expanded to include Verification Call Audits and general consultancy around the management of the program. The importance of these grew in the light of new COVID restrictions, as compliance with all new national and state legislation became vital.


What we did

For three years, Fundraising Partners have Mystery Shopped countless teams and audited hundreds of agency-made Verification Calls. With our expert eyes and ears, we were able to offer insight and direction to the fundraising teams.

We have been able to guide RFDS QLD through the minefield of supplier management and have helped coach a brilliant Regular Giving Lead (who is now a Senior Manager) to get the most out of her fundraisers and her channel.

"‘As a fundraiser brand new to the world of Face to Face fundraising, and with the added challenges of the COVID 19 pandemic, The Fundraising Partners expertise and guidance was priceless. Their advice, which was grounded in years of sector experience, helped to ensure our Face to Face fundraising program was focused on best practice fundraising, resulting in high quality donors being acquired to support our work in rural, regional and remote Queensland." Erin McCabe.



The feedback given by Fundraising Partners and passed on effectively through to the F2F supplier has reaped brilliant results and forged a partnership that has sustained throughout a pandemic.

This close working relationship between RFDS, their fantastic F2F supplier, and our Brisbane-based partner, Paul Tavatgis, has helped maintain a fantastic program that consistently tops the Benchmarking Project Regular Giving retention charts.

Donors recruited in 2021 had a 73.6% 12-month retention rate, and 44.6% of 2020 recruits were retained over 24-months – boasting a 17 month breakeven!

They are proof that when a new Face to Face program is managed diligently it can produce amazing outcomes.

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