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Our products and services are a direct response to our philosophy and our clients' needs. We do what we know works and we do it well. All three partners have specialisations, and we make sure that you always get the right person for the right job.

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1. Regular Giving support package 

Using experienced senior fundraisers, this package can be tailored to include Mystery Shopping and Shadowing, Verification Call Audits and Review & Resolve sessions to create a deep-dive report that provides specific advice resulting in better quality pledges.

2. Sector intelligence and research projects

Whether you have an organisation-specific question or want to gain sector-wide knowledge; with a network of experienced fundraisers around Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, we can provide insights and show the opportunities available to your organisation.

3. Telephone fundraising call audit & retention review 

We offer expertise in telephone fundraising best practice. Through data analysis and call listening, we provide targeted, evidence-based feedback to improve the long-term value of your telephone acquired regular donors.

4. Team support - Training, special engagements, and retainers 

An industry leader at the end of the phone or collaborating with you to complete a project or as ongoing support.

5. Fundraising strategy & review

From reporting and data analysis to training and operational practices, we offer comprehensive reviews to determine the welfare and opportunities for your existing program and future channels.

6. Supply chain due diligence and contract support

Helping your team minimise the legal and fundraising risk of outsourcing fundraising through best practice supplier due diligence based on practical knowledge of the fundraising market. Review existing and devising new contracts that ensure supplier partnerships deliver in both fundraising and risk management. A critical item in every Board’s risk mitigation process.

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