Are you starting a new fundraising program or revising an old one? Fundraising Partners will support you in determining the feasibility of your campaign goals. We will create a comprehensive strategy to meet these goals. At Fundraising Partners, we do not believe in a ‘cookie cutter’ approach. We will support you in creating a fundraising strategy bespoke to your organisation’s needs. We also develop messaging to get your fundraising vision ‘over the line’ with key internal stakeholders.

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Campaign Implementation

Do you need help getting your Face-to-Face or Telemarketing program set up? Fundraising Partners will reduce the strain on your time and resources. We procure new suppliers using our blind tender process, recruit key personnel, and negotiate contracts. We also set up your back end. Reporting requirements, fundraising platforms and payment gateway implementation is simplified to make sure your program runs smoothly. Fundraising Partners will also create bespoke training programs and streamline communication structures.

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A review by Fundraising Partners is an ideal opportunity to ‘take stock’ and determine the best way forward for your organisation. Whatever your organisation's needs, we can undertake an extensive audit of your current program.

We provide reporting and analysis to determine the state of your program. We supply a comprehensive set of recommendations for getting ‘back on track’ or will draw a pathway for continued success. Whatever the state of your fundraising program, Fundraising Partners can provide the insights you need.


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Fundraising Partners offers a variety of training solutions specific to your needs.

To lift the success of your campaigns, we conduct Face-to-Face and Telemarketing training sessions. So that your Supporter Care Team have the greatest chance to save your donors, we train best practice donor retention strategy.

Fundraising Partners will audit training programs conducted by your in-house team or suppliers. We are here to ensure your fundraising is supported by the highest quality, best practice training.


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Due Diligence

Ensuring your organisation’s due diligence and compliance is in order can be one of the biggest headaches a fundraising manager has to face. At Fundraising Partners, we take the complexity and confusion out of this process. We provide comprehensive risk mitigation for your fundraising program. We will support you in ‘ticking all the boxes’ necessary to fulfil your organisation’s due diligence requirements and will check your compliance with all relevant fundraising legislation and sector codes.

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Full-Service Retainer

We stay on top of the latest industry trends, potential compliance issues, and channel innovations from around the globe so you don't have to. Fundraising Partners will also coach all levels of your fundraising management team to become channel experts. With 50 years combined experience, Fundraising Partners proves the perfect 'partner' for you to bounce ideas off each month.

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Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping and Door-to-Door Shadowing prevents damaging behaviour before it turns into a complaint, a poor donor experience or a media request. Using experienced senior fundraisers to Shop your teams in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, Fundraising Partners will provide you with a comprehensive bespoke report giving valuable feedback and overall performance from a point of view of unparalleled experience.



Verification Call Audit

We know that you’re busy. We also know that alongside due diligence and mystery shopping this practice is a vital part of your quality assurance program. Each week, your organisation will get an hour of call listening and a tailored report built on the needs of your charity and industry best practice. This low cost high value subscription can save your organisation $2 for every dollar spent. You will stop paying for donors who fail verification but were invoiced. We will also encourage your supplier to raise their call standards and only bill you for the best quality donors.


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Special Engagement

From time to time, charities find themselves 'between managers', and more often, instead of developing their campaigns to stay ahead of the game, fundraising managers get stuck in the day-to-day problems. The Special Engagement allows for a reliable pair of hands with vast experience of steadying ships, working interdepartmentally and with external partners to move your campaign into the future.

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"Due to changes in the external fundraising environment, we needed additional help to realign our critical F2F program to ensure this large investment was producing the best possible value for Amnesty. Adam and Fundraising Partners did a measured, professional and quality job in helping us put in place the right systems to ensure we invest where we should. This has led to better quality donors. He was a great mentor and friend to our team and a true champion of the sector."

Peter Thomas - Former COO & Director of Fundraising

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