"Due to changes in the external fundraising environment, we needed additional help to realign our critical F2F program to ensure this large investment was producing the best possible value for Amnesty. Adam and Fundraising Partners did a measured, professional and quality job in helping us put in place the right systems to ensure we invest where we should. This has led to better quality donors. He was a great mentor and friend to our team and a true champion of the sector."

Peter Thomas - Former COO & Director of Fundraising

"Fundraising Partners was hired by Foodbank NSW & ACT to assist in the initial set up, fundraiser training and ongoing management of our first Face to Face program. Adam’s knowledge of the sector gave us the confidence and ability to make the right decisions at the right time."

Beth Campbell-Bruce - Fundraising Manager


"Fundraising Partners has supplied us with practical and workable advice to help manage our face to face program. The advice on how to improve our fundraising has meant we can improve what we do and raise more funds to protect nature in New Zealand.”

Jess Winchester - Fundraising & Membership Manager 

"Bringing Fundraising Partners on board is one of the best decisions we made this year. Adam and his team provided Taronga Conservation Society Australia with a wide range of new tools we already consider indispensable to keep the Regular Giving Program healthy and sustainable."

Anto Hermida - Former Direct Marketing Coordinator

"The Smith Family have worked with Fundraising Partners as both a supplier of our highest quality F2F donors, and a consultant who helped run our program throughout some of its most successful periods. Adam's knowledge and experience in the channel are second-to-none, and his commitment to our cause was unquestionable. Adam is an inspired leader and mentor whose passion for guiding the next generation of F2F managers has benefitted both The Smith Family and the sector. He was a real asset to our fundraising team."

Rochelle Nolan - Former Appeals & Acquisitions Manager

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"Fundraising Partners assisted with the vetting, selection and set up of our first agency-led face to face fundraising program. Adam's insights, experience and coaching have been invaluable, helping us to ensure we get the program off to the best possible start."

Janelle Weissman - Executive Director

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