Fundraising Partners maintains a commitment to working together with its charity clients to raise fundraising standards.

​​Adam Watson MFIA, Paul Tavatgis FFIA and Peter Coleman Ph.D. MFIA have come together under the Fundraising Partners banner to support sustainable giving in the fundraising sector.

With over 50 years combined experience, we are committed to driving excellence in fundraising.

Adam Watson


You outsource regular giving programs to expand your fundraising capacity. Fundraising Partners will help you and your team become intelligent customers in the outsourcing market.

  • An intelligent customer understands the market in which they operate

  • An intelligent customer has the oversight and understanding of how their programs are running and the ability to properly monitor them

  • An intelligent customer has skills and knowledge to manage their programs

  • An intelligent customer makes decisions based on evidence and good information


Our products and services are a direct response to our philosophy and our clients' needs. 


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Thirty-nine happy clients in the past six years consulting

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A network with over fifty years' experience in charitable fundraising

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