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Foodbank NSW & ACT had a small but loyal following. They suffered with an overreliance on government funding. They were facing an increasing need for their services matched with rising costs. Despite the vast reach of their amazing work, the brand was relatively unknown. They knew they had to make some changes.


In 2017 they made the bold move to become a fundraising organisation. A key element of this was the set up and maintenance of a face-to-face channel. This channel would go on to spearhead the Regular Giving program.


What we did

Fundraising Partners and Foodbank have worked together since 2017/18. We have created one of the best new face-to-face programs in the country. Much like the cause, the program has weathered droughts, bush fires, and COVID. It continues to produce steady donor volumes and top retention. It has a strong average gift and high telephone reactivation and upgrade rates.

We are hands-on. Over the past five years we have coached the internal team and trained the agency suppliers. We recruited agencies and complete due diligence initiatives. Fundraising Partners has run mystery shopping and verification call audit programs. As well as this, we have guided the design of fundraising tools.



In 2017, Foodbank NSW & ACT raised $56k in RG income from 157 newly recruited donors. Over the following five years over 8,000 new face-to-face donors contributed to raising over $4m income.

It was not just acquisition that set the program apart. It has delivered above average 12-month and 24-month retention. In 2022, it was 4.4% and 5.5% respectively better than industry averages.

We look forward to continuing this wonderful relationship and growing the program in line with Foodbank’s future funding requirements.

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