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Mystery shopping PACKAGES

High-quality compliant face-to-face fundraising provides a strong long-term income stream that, with proactive management, can sustain your organisation for years to come. A positive conversation with a fundraiser will create a favourable image of your brand and be the source of a sustainable donor relationship. However, low quality non-compliant fundraising diminishes returns. As the face of your cause, a negative interaction that includes pressure tactics, fraud, misinformation and lies can harm your brand and your relationships with stakeholders.


Mystery Shopping and Door to Door Shadowing
Mystery Shopping is just one tool in the F2F Manager’s box. Cancellation rates, and complaints monitoring are all vital, but happen after the fact. Mystery Shopping and Door-to-Door Shadowing allows you to prevent damaging behaviour before it turns into a complaint, a poor pledge or a media request. Fundraising Partners uses experienced fundraisers to Shop your teams. Our small team of experienced senior fundraisers will perform all Shops and report back within 24 hours.

Fundraising Partners can Mystery Shop your teams in any Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. We will provide you with a comprehensive bespoke report giving valuable feedback and overall performance from a point of view of unparalleled experience.

Verification Call Audit

Fundraising Partners are well known as being the pioneers in Mystery Shopping and Door to Door Shadowing, but we are also the first and only organisation to run Verification Call Auditing program too.


By selecting samples of your supplier's verification calls and auditing them against a framework of best practice and legal requirements we have not only dramatically increased the quality of the calls being made in the name of our clients but reduced costs by recommending refunds for pledges that should not have been sold to our clients due to breaches of contractual terms, vulnerable persons guidelines and poor fundraising.  

Traffic policemen


The average score given to f2f teams for legal, contractual, branding and peak body compliance is


Stopping Technique

Nearly 200 Shops and Shadows for 28 clients have inspired an average score of only

Businesswoman in white


The average score given to Verification Calls in relation to the donor commitment is just


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