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F2F Fundraising and Telemarketing in 2020

They say that only a fool would make predictions – especially about the future but let’s see how we went with last year’s forecast and take a stab at 2020. Adam Watson MFIA: Last December we predicted that 2019 would see the growth in inhouse F2F. Fundraising Partners certainly received a lot of requests for inhouse feasibility studies and a few charities have taken the first steps into this new world but we also saw the demise of one Australian INGO’s inhouse team as the challenge became too much for them to effectively manage. In short, inhouse is not easy! We also predicted that the ‘Big 5’ suppliers would shrink to a Big 3 or 4. Fortunately no major suppliers have gone under but we have

#82 It might actually be rocket science!: Newton's Laws of Motion and Fundraising

Direct marketers and copywriters will be screaming at us to stop. In November we write a blog about Epicurus and this month it’s all about Newton’s laws of motion. Whatever happened to writing at a 6th grade level?! Well, in our defence, we have no defence. But if I were to pull a reason from an orifice, I would say that like bloodhounds we tend to follow the scent wherever it takes us. We do this in the hope we find evidence that can be used to stop the biggest fundraising crimes. In further defence, the Hemingwayapp said that paragraph was a Year 4 level - (thanks to @JeffBrooks for showing me this in a masterclass). So, what do Newton’s laws of motion have to do with a real fundraising is

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