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#44 Asimov’s Three Laws of Fundraising

As a fan of the sci-fi genre, knowledge of the screening of Westworld season two has not passed by unnoticed. The show hangs on the premise that we, as an audience, question Asimov’s three laws of robotics as artificial intelligence (AI) evolves – this got me thinking. It has been known that, from time to time, members of the public and media have treated our face-to-face fundraisers like the robot hosts of Westworld. They think that we look like people, we sound like people, but we can be ignored, bullied, abused, and have drinks and swear words thrown at us because we are replaceable mercenary robots. Like robots, fundraisers must adhere to Asimov’s three laws. A fundraiser may not injure

#43 Is your proposition poignant or perplexing?

The world’s greatest propositions have a few things in commons. They are simple to understand, easy to communicate, have one ask, and show the donor the impact they can make. The classic example is the sponsorship of children, communities, and puppies. Propositions that are diluted by too much information, swamped by myriad solutions, and have no clear call to action tend to flounder and fail. One reason for the success if face-to-face fundraising can be attributed to a factor shared with planned giving, major gifts, and corporate giving. This key feature is the ability to have a one-on-one conversation with the decision maker allowing for questions to be answered and the use of visual mater

#42 “We run ads”

Despite the image, this week’s article isn’t going to suggest that our face-to-face fundraisers wear formula one style outfits garnished with the names of corporate sponsors to lower costs… however… no, that is too far*. This article is about asking the right questions. Senator Orrin Hatch: “So, how do you sustain a business model in which users don’t pay for your service?” Mark Zuckerberg: “Senator, we run ads” Senators in the Zuckerberg Congressional Testimony showed that serious issues can go unresolved by those in power suffering from a lack of knowledge about the subject they are investigating. Their unpreparedness and absence of research could lead to no substantial improvements in the

#41 She has the scars, but she will continue to fight

A silence seeps through the room, only to be pierced by a deliberate but anxious exhale from Rebecca as she tries to regain her calm and composure. The words slowly settled on the shoulders of her friends, and now they begin to feel their weight. Rebecca knows all too well what he meant. She had lived it and survived. She has the scars, but she will continue to fight. She fights because no one else should ever have to experience what she went through. No one. We know that passionate people can make outstanding fundraisers, and it is no surprise that someone who has experienced the very issues your charity rallies against is more likely to express their feelings to a new donor better than a p

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