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#27 The barrier to entry is rising

With the new year comes new ideas. If you are looking to set up a new F2F campaign in the next six months you need to be aware that the barrier to entry into the channel is rising. Here is my list of recommended requirements: Clear and simple back-end debiting and declines management processes E-from pledge capture Full suite of reports (especially a solid and filterable attrition report) Reactivation and upgrade programs after six months Two suppliers, each able to fulfil your total required volume Supply-chain map All KPIs written into your supplier contracts and SPDs Year 1 and 2 donor journey matrix with a mix of touch points Fundraiser training plan as you will need to deliver six diffe

F2F Fundraising in 2018 Pt2

2017 saw the QLD OFT engage in stricter fundraising regulation, so that any agency that charged more than 100% of Year 1 had a tougher time getting a permit to fundraise in that state. With fees rising and no measurable improvement in the product, this seemed like a bold move… if not a little rash in its timing. You may have seen the Daily Mail’s non-news piece about one man who doesn’t like F2F fundraising in Brisbane this week – yes, that’s right, ONE man doesn’t like it, so it has been given space on one of the world’s most clicked-on websites. Unless we, as an industry, find ways to clean up our image and put positive stories into the media, and considering the sector we work in and the

#26 Anything you can do, I can do better

With a limited number of reputable agencies available in some states, some WA teams displaying behaviours last seen in the wild west movies, the class-action lawsuits building against the commission-only ones, and the knock-on effect of nervous boards putting pressure on their M&F teams, many Australian charities have come up with a simple solution. Let’s start an in-house team. After all, how hard could it be?! Before you run to the conclusion that this will be an in-house-bashing article, I should state right now that it is not. I’ve worked with a few in-house teams in the recent past and have seen things done there that any agency would covet. The raw passion, enthusiasm and commitment to

#25 How much will you pay for a donor?

What is the fairest and most reasonable fee for a new donor? A comment on my last post got me thinking about the best way to remunerate a face-to-face fundraising agency. The most common formats are the one-off upfront fee with either a rebate or clawback. For those not in the know, a rebate is a discount, whilst the clawback is a refund. The rebate is great if you have consistent and predictable attrition with your agency and product because it takes all the thinking out of the equation. You pay your money and you get your donors. The clawback if perfect if you are new into the industry. Even though it is more administratively heavy, it gives you a refund for your donors that do not debit i

F2F Fundraising in 2018 Pt1

What’s in store for face-to-face fundraising in 2018? Whilst one or two charities pulled out of the Australian channel in 2017 following the announcement of the first class-action lawsuit and Channel 7's so-called expose, we are seeing more charities joining the f2f ranks. In short, this means that demand is at an all time high and that supply will need to catch up if all charities are going to hit their targets. Just two weeks after the Australian Red Cross announced that they would no longer use third-party commission-only contractors in their fundraising mix, a second class-action case is reported. Pressure is being put on the suppliers by the press and their clients to ensure they are no

#24 The cost of F2F is rising

The cost of F2F is rising, but it’s not all bad news. With this rise in costs comes a rise in social responsibility. As the CEO of a charity recently told me, “we don’t want to be forcing the people who represent us into a position where they need our services”. More agencies are moving to a base-wage employment model which comes with guaranteed wages, payroll tax and superannuation at 9.5%. Sadly, for the agencies, the move to the employment model means that the top fundraisers are earning less than before, and the worst ones are earning more. This massively increases the risk for our suppliers. We cannot blame the suppliers for charging a fee that they consider fair for the work they do an

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