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#74 We want marriage, they want a fling

When pasted into a budget, face-to-face fundraising is thought of as a high-volume low-value fundraising channel. A tap to turn on and off to refill your donor base. We know that fifteen-to-twenty percent of new donors will never successfully debit, and we make very little effort, if any, to save these lost souls. This is not an insult, just a fact. We then go on to lose around fifty percent of our newly acquired donors in the first year of their pledge. We make some effort to keep these by entering them into a declines cycle and eventually a reactivations program. No matter, we can always pump in more donors to keep filling up the tank [to be read with a disappointed tone]. Here’s a controv

#73 The most dangerous time for F2F fundraising

This is, without doubt or hyperbole, the most dangerous time for face-to-face fundraising. We have recently witnessed the end of a fundraising institution in the UK that has seen more than 600 fundraisers lose their jobs, and, among other things, seen increased regulation throughout the world making it harder for some suppliers to stay competitive – not necessarily a bad thing. However, this post is not about the wave of troublesome news we are receiving from Europe, but a warning that we must swim between the flags and watch out for sharks. You and your organisation have the responsibility to your beneficiaries to perform the services, identified as lacking in our society, that will enhance

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