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We’d like to change, but how…?

In the last week Fundraising Partners started a conversation about the opportunity we have to change face to face fundraising for the better in Australia and New Zealand. More than 40 people from across fundraising have already joined in the conversation, including those from charities, agencies and consultancies. There seems to be general agreement that something needs to change, and a range of suggestions for how this might be achieved. From the beginning we’ve said that Fundraising Partners don’t have all the answers (if only we did), but what we can do \is to suggest a framework for how to best “arrange” the good ideas that are flowing in. Levels of change We think there are four “levels

What You Don’t Change, You Choose

It’s been an exciting week here at Fundraising Partners with the launch of the ‘Irregular Giving Project’. The response so far has been great and it’s heartening to see the appetite others in the sector share for this initiative. We wait in anticipation to see how it will grow. Many of us have shared concerns over recent years about the state of F2F in Australia and New Zealand. As attrition rates steadily rise, as ROIs push out further into the future, as the term ‘chugger’ becomes more widespread - there is a shared sense that something has gone awry. What was once such a sort after commodity has seemingly become less desirable, less ‘viable’ and less laudable. How did we end up here and w

F2F 2.0 - an opportunity for transformation

We at Fundraising Partners believe there is a rare opportunity to transform the landscape of face to face fundraising (F2F) in Australia and New Zealand. With all F2F fundraising currently on hold, we have the chance to reflect, reconsider and re-imagine. We believe there is a better way forward for F2F fundraising, and we call this ‘F2F 2.0’. In the world of F2F 2.0, charities: Invest budget in F2F activity that is positive for donors and beneficiaries and is both representative of the organisation’s values and financially sustainable. Only invest in F2F fundraising they are confident will be conducted properly. Otherwise, they will invest their budget in an alternative form of fundraising.

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