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F2F 2.0 - an opportunity for transformation

We at Fundraising Partners believe there is a rare opportunity to transform the landscape of face to face fundraising (F2F) in Australia and New Zealand. With all F2F fundraising currently on hold, we have the chance to reflect, reconsider and re-imagine.
We believe there is a better way forward for F2F fundraising, and we call this ‘F2F 2.0’.

In the world of F2F 2.0, charities:

  • Invest budget in F2F activity that is positive for donors and beneficiaries and is both representative of the organisation’s values and financially sustainable.

  • Only invest in F2F fundraising they are confident will be conducted properly. Otherwise, they will invest their budget in an alternative form of fundraising.

  • Fulfil their responsibility to ensure that fundraising is ethical and complies with all legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Set realistic and achievable targets that are not going to lead to ‘churn and burn’ outcomes.

  • Genuinely and consistently communicate appreciation to their donors.

  • Work collaboratively with other charities in the sector engaged in F2F fundraising to support positive outcomes for all.

  • Provide all the necessary tools and support for their suppliers to succeed.

In the world of F2F 2.0, suppliers:

  • Only provide services if they have the expertise, systems, processes, and people in place to conduct fundraising responsibly, ethically and sustainably.

  • Are driven to connect people who care with the causes they love in a way that inspires them to keep giving an amount they can afford for as long as they are able.

  • View fundraising as an opportunity to put their values into action and be of service to the for-purpose sector.

  • Treat their staff respectfully and engage and pay them compliantly.

  • Train their fundraisers to communicate with honesty, warmth, and empathy.

  • Work collaboratively with other F2F fundraising suppliers to support positive outcomes for all.

  • Provide all the necessary tools and support for their fundraisers to succeed and to enjoy rewarding jobs and careers.

In the world of F2F 2.0, both charities and suppliers:

  • Prize honesty and integrity over expediency and profit.

  • Ensure their contractual agreements are mutually beneficial to charity and supplier.

  • Consistently check that the quality of fundraising is of a high standard.

  • Take time to understand the challenges their charity/supplier partners face and actively support them. Problems and solutions are shared.

  • Base their decisions on ethics, data, and evidence.

F2F is vital. There are only so many ways that a charity can communicate with potential donors, and we can't afford to allow one of these ways to continue to decay into irrelevance. We have a unique opportunity to transform F2F and build a sustainable channel for years to come.

We would like to start a conversation with everyone involved in F2F as to how we can make bring about this transformation. We want to hear what everyone thinks, and understand what is your vision for the future of F2F?

If you want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem, find out more and get in touch here:

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