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#72 If you’re not training your team, who is?

“They’ve done it again” exclaimed Janet, the RG Manager of a major national charity, as she read an email from the latest bitter recipient of an unwanted charity knocker at her door. “Bill, this lady had three fundraisers knocking on her door last night. THREE! They were pushy, abusive and one even asked if he could use her toilet. Can you believe this? You’d think they’d know that they can’t do this!” “What are you going to do about it?” asked Bill passively. “I don’t know, Bill. I just don’t know. This is the fourth complaint this week. I’m in half a mind to call our supplier and tell them what has happened”. “Are you sure you want to bother them?” smirked Bill as he sipped his tepid coffe

#71 Mixing it up with f2f

Before we set off on another journey together, I feel it would be negligent to not mention the alleged scandal that arose this week in the Australian f2f industry. My thoughts are as follows: "I believe in the idea of the PFRA. I think that it has done fantastic work for the past few years to strengthen relationships with councils, force charities to raise their own management standards, hold less-scrupulous agency directors to account, and clean up a channel that was slipping away from its honest, genuine and charitable roots. I expect a thorough investigation into the issue and, if the rumours are true, for those responsible for the problems to face severe punishments. Please remember that

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