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#48 We have the best stories that don’t make the press

We have more great stories than any other industry. We save more lives, feed more hungry, and defend more rights than any other industry. We do more good and get paid less than any other industry, yet charities are, at times, pilloried by the media. When discovering why this is, there may be a few factors to consider. Firstly, it seems that charities are held to a higher standard than our for-profit cousins. We are more accountable for every cent received than other organisations because we rely on donations not payments. Secondly, philanthropy and generosity are not celebrated whole-heartedly in the press because good stories (by this I mean acts of good) don’t sell papers or get clicks unl

#47 279 out of 280 cannot be wrong… can they?

In a week where Scentre reveal a ban on acquisition, including charitable f2f, in their highly regarded Westfield shopping centres, and the Federal Court dismisses APPCO's attempt to have the class-action heard as separate cases, I am flying to the UK for a couple of weeks and don't have the time to discuss it with you. Instead, I have a pre-prepared article about how great f2f fundraising is. It may not be timely, but it is deserved. More people have signed up to become regular givers in 2017 than any of the past four years according to the PFRA 2017 annual report. 343,389 new donors joined the ranks of other change makers through PFRA registered F2F agencies and in-house teams. If we offer

#46 Sweating the small stuff

The biggest news I heard this week was that 80% of the past year’s PFRA breaches were simply due to easy to fix poor field management. This means that eight out of ten offences are caused by Team Leaders taking their teams to the streets without a permit, having no or invalid ID badges, not wearing their uniform, or deciding that the only stopping technique that works is to offer a handshake to passers-by. Here’s why we need to sweat the small stuff. In the grand scheme of things, fundraising with the charity logo obscured by a winter jacket may not seem like a big deal, but it can be a symptom of a much more serious disease. Apathy. A lack of concern for the PFRA standard shows a disdain fo

#45 Keep your coins, I want change

With every conversation I have with agency CEOs and senior managers I will, at some point, stumble over the mention that face-to-face fundraising in Australia is changing. This mention is not usually prompted by me, but when we are forced to look objectively at our industry we will find it hard not to notice the sweeping changes across the regular giving landscape. I’m certain this change is not limited to our shores, but this is the view from my lighthouse perch. I’ll make an assumption that everyone reading this post on Facebook (welcome Face to Face Fundraisers United), email, LinkedIn or the Fundraising Partners website has a connection with face-to-face fundraising and has probably had

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