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#19 Being caught jaywalking on your first day in Sydney

“We’re committed to doing it, but we’re not committed to how we do it.” These were the words of the CEO from one of my recent clients. They know that they need a regular giving product, and are aware that face-to-face is the channel that provides the industry’s biggest volume of this funding, but they are not married to a certain ideology, they do not want to dictate how it is done. They simply want help finding the best agencies, running the most efficient campaign, having the highest standards and lowest risk version of the channel. In short, music to my ears. On a side note, their work and partnerships allow for an amazing proposition, unique materials, and, fingers crossed, a whole lot o

#18 Closing the gap between sign-up and first pledge. When does time equal money?

Before I launch in, I will state that I would love your thoughts on this one. The ACCC state that face-to-face charity fundraising is not currently covered by the ACL for unsolicited consumer agreement provisions which means that our fundraisers are not legally bound to certain behaviours, but as we know, many of these conducts are covered by FIA and the PFRA. One ACL rule that might be useful is the cooling-off period. Around the country, the current cooling-off periods for door-to-door sales are 4-5 business days. As F2Fers, we know that the shorter the time between sign up and first debit the more likely they are to debit. The whole instant/live debiting revolution is based on the securin

#17 Do I need a happy or sad image on my banner?

For a long time I had battled with the question of whether to use happy or sad imagery on the shopping centre banners in face-to-face acquisition. There are clear purposes for each piece of material produced for F2F. Welcome Packs are designed to reduce buyers’ remorse, whilst Pitch Cards are created as a visual guide for the conversation, and Banners are to catch your attention and show need. The feeling of buyers’ remorse can be diminished with the use of a Welcome Packs by showing how other donors have made a difference to the cause, and it will map-out the impact that you will have too. These are generally filled with smiling faces and positive images to represent the amazing work that h

#16 Have your donors received a verification call?

Most Australian face to face agencies report a 70% verification call success rate. However, this does not mean what you might think it does. It doesn’t mean that 70% of the pledges that have be exported to your charity have been verified. This ‘success’ could be a text message that was sent to a mobile number because the caller couldn’t get hold of them, or it could mean that the caller got through to the voicemail where the recorded message confirms the identity of the donor. Common sense would state that neither of these are examples of verified donations, so why are we accepting this? This is usually not the agency trying to pull the wool over your eyes, it’s merely a miscommunication of

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