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#10 How we attract and keep better F2F fundraisers – Pt.1 Setting Expectations

This five-part guide is designed help you in your agency or in-house team to do what you’ve always wanted to – attract and keep better fundraisers. This is not a comprehensive handbook for the fundraiser’s entire career, but instead a model that you can modify and use to influence you from your recruitment strategy to their first day in the field. The Problem The average F2F recruitment ad can be found on Gumtree or Indeed, it promises the world and usually reads either “We want dynamic superheroes to join our team of inspirational fundraisers” or “Earn big bucks and start immediately!” so using the idiom you reap what you sow, you will get people that think themselves to be inspirational su

#9 Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence

Many proposal documents have passed over my desk over the years. Some asking me to review them as a favour before they send them to their prospective clients, others hoping that I will recommend them to charities in future, and a few when I held a position within a charity. Proposals are not the be-all and end-all of an agency, but can be a very useful insight into their culture and results. I will always check each proposal for language, tone, claims and statistics. If it contains the word ‘sales’ more than the word ‘fundraising’ I suggest a rewrite, and although confidence is key, if it comes off as cocky it’ll get sent back too. The two biggest issues with these documents have always been

#8 Invest in the unsung heroes of your non-profit

On Friday afternoon, the Queensland OFT surprised the F2F community with a landmark, and quite frightening, restriction on charitable collections. This mention will be all I say about this, as I trust all involved will come to their senses in due course. A more useful and altogether heartening learning can be found in the donor care team of your non-profit. I am fortunate to recently work with a donor care team that were receptive enough to be trained to recognise the F2F recruited donors by the agency that recruited them. Once the donor calls or emails the charity, the team can action saves, cancellations and downgrades in accordance with the terms of the individual agency contract. This fr

#7 The attrition’s terrible, but their volume is huge.

One of the first assertions I heard when moving charity-side was the notion that you needed a balance of F2F agencies as they all offer something different – I’ve even been guilty of the unthinking repetition of this claim. I was told that some agencies will give you high volumes with high attrition, whilst others provide low volume with low attrition you just need to know which is which and to hire a mix of them. I respectfully disagree. A mix of different qualities doesn’t always get the best results. An agency that provides high volume with high attrition is an agency that has very few control measures and a less than comprehensive set of HR policies. This is not an agency that you want t

#6 Celebrate EOFY

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS! You made it to the end of the financial year. Secondly, you, like most other fundraisers in the country, will return to work on Monday to see our fundraising thermometer reset to zero as we start again with our new budgets and one or two new ideas. So, let’s raise a glass and toast to the successes of FY17. Here’s to the millions of dollars raised, the new partnerships created and the hundreds of thousands of lives enhanced by the resources our donors have provided. Now we must reminisce the accomplishments and challenges you experienced last year, construct plans to expand on your achievements and overcome the challenges, roll up your sleeves and get back to work.

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