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#10 How we attract and keep better F2F fundraisers – Pt.5 The final hurdle

I arrived at the carpark on time as requested by my trainer from the previous day, and am met by Tom, a fellow fundraiser who started a few months before me. We chat for a while whilst waiting for our Team Leader, Mo, who was running a few minutes late in the office making an ID badge and fetching my t-shirt and clipboard. Ten minutes pass, and Mo comes running towards us, cigarette hanging from his bottom lip, and drags us towards the bus stop as we’re about to miss our ride to site. I had a bad feeling about this. As it turns out, Mo was inspirational, if not organised. He took the rough lump of clay that was me and moulded it into a Fundraiser, and eventually a Team Leader by asking great

#10 How we attract and keep better F2F fundraisers – Pt.4 Training Day

The three flights of narrow wonky stairs that carried me to the attic of the Georgian office were claustrophobic and uncomfortable. Slightly out of breath, I was met by the familiar smiling face of the interviewer I met the previous day who directed me, by way of a point, to an empty plastic chair at the end of a row of three squeezed between two desks in the pokey Bristol office. The other two were occupied by forgotten figures of my fundraising past. After filling-out my starter form, handing-in the passport photo for my ID badge and introducing myself to the rest of the group we got to the business of initial training. We spoke about the donor pyramid, learned a about Health Unlimited, a

#10 How we attract and keep better F2F fundraisers – Pt.3 First impressions matter

The thing about first impressions is you only get to make them once. The good news is that your agency or in-house team have booked twenty interviews, they’ve responded to the SMS reminder sent that morning, and they are due to start arriving in the next hour. Part 3 of this guide will walk you through best practice interview preparation because first impressions matter. This article is based on the trials and tests of fifteen years of f2f recruitment – disregard at your peril. The Interview Scenario The first decision you need to make is whether you are going to run a group interview or a succession of individ ual ones. Both have their pro’s and con’s. Individual interviews are a great way

#10 How we attract and keep better F2F fundraisers – Pt.2 Defending against outside influence

Following advice from last week, your organisation has now produced a range of adverts tailored to the specific needs of your future fundraisers, and have attracted a batch of new talent. Many of our applicants will apply en-masse from the safety of their mobile device, and after the first-round phone interview, your potential recruits will introduce the idea of working for you to their friends and family. The odds of your interviewee arriving for their face-to-face meeting can depend on the feedback given to them from their loved ones, the media and online reviews. So how do you protect against negativity? The hardest but most important opinion that you need to guard against is the potentia

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