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Conferences offer more than just educational insights.

Conferences offer more than just educational insights. They provide the opportunity to foster connections with people from diverse backgrounds. These people can offer you new perspectives and can spark collaborations. They might even become mentors or partners for future projects … so don’t waste the experience!

With the FIA Conference 2024 coming to an end, we’ve put together a ‘Top 5’ list of things you need to do the moment you step back into your office on Monday morning.

  1. Reflect and Review Notes: Take some time to reflect on the key points, insights, and ideas you gathered during the conference. Review your notes, jot down any important takeaways, and prioritise action items.

  2. Follow-Up Emails: Send personalised follow-up emails to speakers, fellow attendees, and potential collaborators you met during the conference. Thank them for their time, reference specific discussions or topics, and express interest in continuing the conversation or collaboration.

  3. Organise Materials: Organise any handouts, business cards, brochures, or other materials you collected during the conference. File them appropriately for future reference or distribution within your organisation.

  4. Update Networks: Update your professional networks, such as LinkedIn or relevant industry forums, with any new connections you made or insights gained. This helps to maintain and expand your network and may lead to further opportunities or collaborations.

  5. Implement Action Plan: Develop an action plan based on the insights and ideas you gained from the conference. Set specific goals and deadlines for implementing any strategies, techniques, or changes discussed during the event. Share this plan with relevant colleagues or stakeholders to ensure accountability and alignment.


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