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#69 F2F Fundraising in 2019

In 2017, we predicted that 2018 would see improvements in our supply chain management, less staff poaching and a greater investment in the donor journey. Two out of three ain’t bad. So, what is in store for 2019? My first prediction for the coming year is that we will see even more in-house teams performing at a variety of levels. In-house can be a fantastic option if you have the talent, infrastructure and a sound understanding of what success looks like to you, but if you do not know what the required culture of your organisation is before you set sail, you’ll end up hiring a dismal campaign manager, imitating the failed agency they worked for, and wondering why you cannot get your team of

#68 Snowflakes are killing fundraising

It might be Christmas, but snowflakes are ruining fundraising! Hold on tight for a mighty whinge aimed at the easily-offended. If the role of your company is to share stories of the disaffected, disassociated, disenfranchised and discriminated peoples and animals of our planet and in turn inspire those able to make a positive difference to stand up against these inequalities and injustices, why would hire fundraisers who are unwilling and unable to do so? We all know that at the heart of great fundraising is great story telling, so why do we throw brightly coloured t-shirts onto the people who will not do the cause and beneficiaries they are representing the honour and respect of sharing the

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