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#67 Instead of breaking up, we should have a baby!

We’ve all heard some crazy ideas about how to best live our lives, so here are a few common-sense rules about love and agency relationships that we often forget or convince ourselves do not apply to us. If you don’t tell your partner when their actions hurt you, they will not change. If you are in an abusive relationship you need to end it. Being afraid that you will not find another partner is not a reason to stay with them. Too many times I have seen charities too afraid to push back on complaints or tell their agency what they really think in case that agency drops them. Too many times I’ve seen charities complain, behind closed doors, about the service they receive from their supplier wi

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Just as it is now, Christmas was approaching fast. The year was 1991 and the shops of Portsmouth had hung their decorations, put up their trees and were blaring jingles that played in the background of everyone’s minds for the rest of the season. A helpful 10-year-old decided to give his parents a helping hand this year by circling the Lego set he wanted in the catalogue, ensuring a very merry Christmas for him and a guaranteed win for his folks. This Lego set was awesome. He couldn’t wait for Christmas morning to arrive so he could unwrap his new Lego space station. After running down the wooden staircase two steps at a time he flew to the lounge and dove into the mound of presents waiting

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