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#35 I am a Paid Fundraiser and my employer will receive 100% of your first year’s donations

“The first $250,000 donated will cover costs associated with this appeal” is a line you will have never read at the end of a DRTV charity ad, or DM piece, however, “a fee of no more than 100% of your first year’s contributions, which equates to 20% of the average donation will be paid to the fundraising agency to cover all costs associated with this appeal” can be read on the final iPad screen at every face-to-face acquisition. As discussed in our last post, this fee is not usually an accurate amount as there are many smaller additional costs paid to the agency such as locations, eForms, and travel trips etc. But back to the main point. Not only must every F2F fundraiser wear an ID badge on

#34 The hidden costs of F2F

A comment from my last post prompted me to discuss further the real cost of face-to-face fundraising. By this, I don’t mean the potential for damage to your brand, or the increased pressure on fundraising managers to produce results, I mean the actual dollar and cents cost. It is true that most charities are looking to spend less per pledge on their face-to-face donors as this has a direct impact on return. ROI may not be the best metric to measure the success of your campaign, but it definitely helps when trying to get support from your board for the channel. It is also true that, as for-profit companies, the agencies are looking to either cut costs or charge more for the same or slightly i

#33 The death of a salesman

As of July 2018, only two of Australia’s large F2F suppliers will offer commission-only fundraising as their sole-model. Does this mean that the industry has spoken and decided that this is not a model they wish to be linked with? Is this the final nail in the coffin? Not yet. Whilst charities across the country are requesting base-wage employment, a few are hanging in there with the endangered remuneration structure. This has allowed suppliers to offer our NFPs the choice to use either the base-wage employee or commission-only contractor model. An interesting observation is that all the charities lining-up to start their own in-house teams are picking a base-wage model that mirrors the stru

#32 Seven deadly sins - Why your F2F campaign is failing

Fundraising managers from both sides of the agency/in-house fence can often be found with their head in their hands staring at a sheet of stats wondering when the pain will end. They’ve trained with all their heart, set up glorious incentives and had conversations with every member of the team, but the results just won’t pick up. They are stuck in the doldrums with no way out. Fear not, there is good news. As complex as F2F looks, there are only a handful of levers to pull to turn this ship around. It is nothing to do with the look of their uniforms, the state of their banners, the contents of the welcome pack, weather or the location. Here are the seven deadly sins of F2F: Attendance - Get

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