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#63 Proud but concerned

The hardest part of writing this article was finding a title. I eventually came up with ‘proud but concerned’ as it encapsulated how I feel about my industry. A recent back-and-forth in the comments section of a previous post concerned me as one reader stated that the main problem with the industry was people discussing problems with the industry. Secondly, they suggested that people like me were profiting from vocalising alarmist opinions and passing them off as fact when the industry is fine, and we should stop trying to find fault. I firmly disagree, but of course I would. Before I launch into my diatribe I’d like to take a moment to share some good news. I completed a Mystery Shop for a

#62 You look smart and I won’t take that away from you

Before I launch into this fortnight’s article I must report that I keep hearing this line from sales reps “You look smart and I won’t take that away from you” just before they go into the ask for the charity. Please stop doing this. It means nothing and totally distracts from the reason they are there, and stinks of disingenuity. You may as well say “Hey, you’re really bright, give me money”. However, it does allow me to segue into the topic of this piece. It is an observable fact that agency face-to-face fundraisers/sales reps are often hired based on their personality, looks, self-belief and hunger. A connection to the cause is a plus but, in some cases, too much passion can be perceived a

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