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#53 I want to make you feel good

I’m going to start this post with an unapologetically indulgent and broad statement. One of my favourite things about being human is our internal battles against our natural instincts. I was raised with a set of ethics and prejudices formed, like many people, by my family, friends, community, schools, country, digested media, survival instincts and with one religious and one atheist parent. I have learned to stop accepting the last thing I heard as fact and have discovered that vigorous debate with those holding views and beliefs opposed to mine is a much more fulfilling way to form opinions. These conversations have led me to a place of eternal grey – much to the annoyance of my wife who fr

#52 True or false? One fifth of your f2f donors will never debit

After having a conversation with a senior manager of a top-tier f2f agency, my imagination was sparked to poke and prod a fundraising assumption that might need to be pushed and popped. Today’s myth to be busted is that 20% of your newly acquired f2f donors will never successfully debit. Yes, around one-fifth of most agencies’ donors suffer this fate (excluding instant debits)of which the vast majority will be declined cards, but it does not have to be this way, and making this assumption about your own business might mean that you have accepted it. As the senior manager said to me, “I don’t like the rebate model. Anyone who has it knows that a specific percentage of their product is going t

#51 EOFY Budgeting - Just when I thought I was out...

To those Australian fundraisers who have a wider portfolio than just F2F, I hope that your tax appeals are warming up nicely and you’re ready for the big day (which looks like it’ll be a late one on Friday 29th). For the rest of us singled-minded fundraisers, let’s bask in the knowledge that our budgets and forecasts are handed in and awaiting approval. Now here’s an article that might, much like the hopeless husband hurriedly hopping to the petrol station on the morning of his wedding anniversary, seem a little last-minute for those who have already hit ‘send’ on your budgets. If it is too late to squeeze a couple of items into your 2018/19 budget you should probably stop reading now as thi

#50 July 1st team talk: “Go out there and give me 103.5%!”

More than 2 million Australians will receive a pay rise of 3.5% from July 1st. This means that the new minimum wage will be $18.29 per hour or $22.86 for casual workers and will have a direct impact on the profitability of our F2F suppliers and potentially on the cost per acquisition (CPA) of our f2f pledges. For those agencies that have just begun to directly employ or pay a base wage to their fundraisers, this will be tough to stomach. Managing their employees just got 3.5% harder. For those who have been paying wages and superannuation for years, this is just another annual rise that makes it more difficult to run a profitable company under the intense scrutiny of media hawks and charity

#49 Never let the facts get in the way of a good story?

In a break from tradition, I will start this article with a geographical update as I feel that distance from the Australian media is giving me renewed vigour to speak out against hyperbolic nonsense. I’m writing this piece from the Eurostar in Paris as we await departure back to London. I was raised in the UK with fierce and cutting British tabloids venting isms and bile from coast to coast and it appears that this lack of newsworthiness has followed me across the globe to my new home in Sydney. In front of me is this story <Click here>. For my post to make sense you need to take a moment to follow the link and read it - i promise that it’ll only take a moment as the author has relieved

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