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#51 EOFY Budgeting - Just when I thought I was out...

To those Australian fundraisers who have a wider portfolio than just F2F, I hope that your tax appeals are warming up nicely and you’re ready for the big day (which looks like it’ll be a late one on Friday 29th). For the rest of us singled-minded fundraisers, let’s bask in the knowledge that our budgets and forecasts are handed in and awaiting approval.

Now here’s an article that might, much like the hopeless husband hurriedly hopping to the petrol station on the morning of his wedding anniversary, seem a little last-minute for those who have already hit ‘send’ on your budgets. If it is too late to squeeze a couple of items into your 2018/19 budget you should probably stop reading now as this might upset. If not, grab your laptop and open Excel.

‘Must have’ lines in your budget in no specific order:

  • PFRA Membership If you are actively recruiting face-to-face donors and are not a member yet you really need to pull your finger out. Sustainability of our industry is paramount, so you need to invest in our future. If you think it costs too much you probably shouldn’t be running a face-to-face program. Contact to get on board.

  • Site Fees Shopping centres are putting up their prices, so your agencies might start to ask for a little extra for every pledge you recruit from these sites.

  • Pledge Fees With yet another minimum wage increase, this time of 3.5% from July, your pledge costs might also sneak up a little so that your supplier can cover their costs.

  • Incentives So, I’ve always been a firm believer that the suppliers are the ones who should pay to incentivise their own staff, but I appear to be alone here. Speak with your suppliers, data team, and other charities to discover what type of incentive you should run to motivate your teams. Certificates or thank you letters are a bare minimum.

  • Mystery Shopping It’ll be no surprise that a guy who runs a premium mystery shopping service would add this to the list but keeping tabs on your teams is a must.

  • Winter Clothing If your fundraisers are knocking doors or standing outside on the streets they will appreciate working in a thick waterproof jacket and a warm hat. Given the option of working for a charity that cares about their health or one that doesn’t leaves only one winner. Wrap them up and keep them on your campaign.

  • F2F Consultant Even if you’re an experienced F2F manager you will benefit from a fresh pair of eyes to look at your program. I know a guy.

PS: This time of year always passes too quickly and is filled with a lot of pressure, so do forget to celebrate all the successes of the last 12 months. You made a positive change in the world, a change that must be celebrated.

PPS: I’m planning a trip to Melbourne in a few weeks to see a few people (you know who you are). My dates are not yet finalised, so please PM me if you fancy a coffee and a chat. Mine’s a flat white with no sugar.

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