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#86 We need to talk about phone

The team at Fundraising Partners couldn’t be happier, or more grateful, for the support we’ve received as part of the Irregular Giving Project. The insights, enthusiasm and encouragement has buoyed our hopes in a brighter fundraising future. For those unfamiliar with the Irregular Giving Project, it sprang from the realisation that face to face fundraising in Australia was in danger of becoming unviable within the foreseeable future. The project was launched to investigate whether things were as bad as they seemed, why this was and most importantly, how we could do better. On the 13th of July 2020, the Irregular Giving Project released its white paper (which is available to all members of th

2020/21 Minimum wage decision - important changes for outsourced fundraising

It’s that special time of year when tax appeals are finished, and the Fair Work Commission celebrates by giving everyone a pay rise… The minimum wage increase for 2020/21 is a little different from usual, so here is some information to help charities and fundraising agencies with their due diligence and compliance processes. Pay increases by 1.75% The new minimum wage is $19.84 per hour or $753.80 per week for full and part-time workers. For casual workers the minimum hourly wage is now $24.80. These represent an increase of 1.75% on the previous rates. Timing is everything. The unusual factor this year is that the timing of the increase is staged. For all workers not covered by an Award and

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