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#79 What's the scariest thing in your contract?

For everyone in fundraisingland it was Halloween – smiling fundraisers went from supplier to supplier to ask for face to face capacity for the next year. Holding out their contract buckets they waited to see whether they would be lucky and get a nice treat. But for some fundraisers things looked a lot scarier than they’d hoped, and instead found themselves on the end of a nasty trick. If you’re responsible for managing supplier partnerships for your organisation the best way to make sure there aren’t too many nasty surprises lurking in the darkness, is to have a high-quality contract and due-diligence process in place with your suppliers. This is just as important if you are recontracting wi

#78 Green thumb fundraising

We were once a family of subsistence-fundraising farmers. We harvested enough donors to meet the day-to-day need and put some away for a rainy day. We survived on a land that bore low hanging face-to-face fundraising fruit. We picked this fruit, fed our beneficiaries and were able to envisage a growth to our services that was never before dreamed. Then we got greedy. We saw how great these regular giving donors were and we wanted more. Our boards insisted that we fill our sheds and silos with as many of these donors as possible, requesting huge volumes of these generous givers from our fundraising teams. In short, we turned a sustainable cottage industry into mass corporate farming, and as w

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