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#40 Churn and burn your way to failure

In a recent F&P article authored by my friend and colleague, Matt Gilbert, a myth that has haunted our industry since fundraising became a for-profit business was busted. Matt wrote that high staff churn is an assumption that many f2f suppliers hold, but that his company reversed this trend by “hiring and supporting the right people, providing an environment where fundraisers were paid well, taken care of and 100% certain of what was expected of them and why.” I don’t believe that his team were the exception that proves the rule, I think they were an example of a smart commercial company understanding their staff and the impact on their product. Typically, a fundraising agency will recruit t

#39 “It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission”

U.S. Rear Admiral Grace Hopper’s famous quote is one that many face-to-face agencies subscribe to: “It is easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission”, but this only works when the idea you wish to follow through on is a good one. This is where a few suppliers may come unstuck. Some operate under the assumption that all of their ideas are 24 carat gold despite evidence to the contrary. Being told that we need to provide pins/badges to show how much the fundraiser has raised (Mark.A, I’m not letting this one go); selling products that have nothing to do with your brand (that you must pay for out of an imaginary budget); and putting an entire marketing office on your campaign withou

#38 - Things I didn’t learn from fundraising

My 15 years of TM and F2F have taught me so much about myself and other people. It has given me the confidence to approach strangers and search for common ground. It has shown me a world that I never knew existed – for better and worse. It introduced me to some of my best friends and helped me travel the globe. My story is no different to the estimated 50,000 other F2F fundraisers around the globe who have had their lives changed by what we do, but we share more than just what we’ve learned, we also share what we didn’t learn. I have never been told how the money I raised helped the families of those suffering with terminal diseases. No one ever reported back to me how the children I got spo

#37 Tougher penalties for PFRA members

Although the title of this series of blogs is ‘Things I learned this week’, and should be filled with all the new learnings from this week’s #FIAConf2018, I have opted to let them settle before writing my slant on proceedings, and instead, focus my thoughts on the announcement that PFRA Australia, the self-regulatory body for face-to-face fundraising, has overhauled its powers to suspend members and issue heavier penalties.[1] Firstly, I’m a fan of the PFRA, and secondly, I detest bad fundraising, so this is wonderful news. Most agencies and those connected to face-to-face know who the unethical suppliers are and know the potential impact the continued poor behaviours of these few have on th

#36 Regular giving Easter wish-list

A quick foreword before we get into it this week. FIA 2018 is fast approaching, and I am looking forward to seeing clients past, present and hopefully future, meeting new people, and learning and sharing the latest and greatest fundraising tips and trends. If you see me and want to have a chat about your charity’s F2F campaign, don’t be shy, I’m more than happy to chat about my favourite channel. This week’s blog is my RG acquisition wish list for the coming year: A team filled with volunteers. This comes up occasionally from complainants who don’t approve of paying fundraisers for their work. The truth is, a group of volunteers able to work in different locations around the state, five days

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