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So, you couldn't make it to the conference?

No worries, we've got you covered with 12 things you can do instead. Forget about the seminars and coffee breaks. Dive into this list of activities guaranteed to make you forget all about FOMO.

Get the conference feel

  1. Look for satellite events or unofficial gatherings happening around the conference venue. Cafes, bars and restaurants are great places where you can soak up the conference atmosphere and potentially meet other like-minded individuals.

  2. Monitor social media channels, especially hashtags related to the conference, for real-time updates, insights, and discussions. Engage with attendees virtually by commenting, sharing, or asking questions. Participate in online discussions or forums dedicated to the conference topic. Look for virtual events, webinars, or live streams where you can join the conversation remotely.

  3. Attend any free or open-to-the-public sessions, exhibitions, or keynote speeches that might be happening as part of the conference program. Check the conference website or local listings for details.

  4. Take advantage of any post-conference resources, such as recorded sessions, presentation slides, or summary reports, that organisers may share publicly after the event. Use this as inspiration to delve deeper into topics of interest through independent research, online courses, or networking with professionals in the field. Use this time to invest in your own learning and development.


Stuck at work?

  1. If no-one is at the office, why should you be? Why not volunteer to join your programs teams out in the field. Soak up how it feels to make a hands-on difference with your chosen cause.

  2. Learn everything about your organisation. Arrange 30-minute meetings with people in your organisation who are not in fundraising. Would you learn more in 30-mins with your CFO than one day in the conference centre?

  3. Read a good fundraising book. Start your journey with Ken Burnett’s relationship fundraising.

  4. Find a one-day course that directly impacts your work. Do you need to brush on up excel or become a more confident public speaker? Find the course and dive in! If these are out of reach but your organisation is a benchmarking project member, why not sit-back and watch the online forum recordings!

Live life!

  1. Check out local events happening in your area, whether it's a live concert, theatre performance, or comedy show. Enjoying live entertainment can be a memorable and enjoyable experience.

  2. Treat yourself to a relaxing spa day at home with facials, manicures, and massages. Create a soothing ambiance with candles and calming music for the ultimate relaxation.

  3. Spend time outdoors and connect with nature by going on a hike or nature walk. It's a refreshing way to clear your mind and appreciate the beauty of the natural world.

  4. Take advantage of the conference-free weekend to plan a fun getaway with friends or family. Whether it's a beach trip, a mountain retreat, or exploring a new city, it's a great opportunity to relax and recharge.


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