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#65 I’m looking for a 40-year old brunette with a sense of humour

Before we start, for the sake of my marriage and ongoing happiness, I need to make it super-clear that I am not actually looking for a 40-year old brunette with a sense of humour I just wrote that to make a point. I am, prior to publication, very happily married. Your search for a life partner should share many parallels with your search for new donors. During your life you work out what traits suit you best and you refine your search to single-out the one you will spend the rest of your life with. Of course, the specifics may change as you grow. The 18-year old me wouldn’t have been searching for the 30-year old woman I eventually discovered, but he would have been searching for an age appr

#64 Is donor profiling testing ethical boundaries?

This week, The Telegraph published its bi-annual anti-charity fundraising article, this time taking aim at the practice of charities desiring better quality donors and rewarding fundraisers for recruiting them. At first glance it appears to be an odd target for the press but at second glance, no, at second glance it still appears to be an absurd angle to base a story on. Why would a charity spend money on unreliable high-risk donors? The profound lack of curiosity displayed by the journalist for the workings of not for profits bemuses me again. Is it the fact that the media feel the need to warn middle-aged people to steer clear of fundraisers (or as the article calls us, ch****rs) in case t

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