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#81 The “Maximum Benefit” line and how it harms face to face fundraising

There is a difference between fundraising and selling. Inspiring someone to give creates a long-term emotional connection with a cause. No one loves their electricity provider or their telco. So why is it that some face to face fundraisers are apparently treating charity the same as selling a phone plan? The rotten apple at the bottom of the face to face barrel is the use of the phrase “maximum benefit”. This is used to “objection handle” someone who is already giving to other charities. Here’s an example interaction: Donor: “I’m already giving to another charity” Fundraiser: “That’s great, can I ask how long you’ve been giving?” Donor: “About six years now” Fundraiser: “Well, since you’ve b

#80 Do not spoil what you have

The Ancient Greek and Roman philosophers are having a renaissance in popular culture. As a long-time fan of the classical philosophers, I’m all for it! Their insights into the human condition are practical, relatable and timeless. Their wisdom is also very helpful for us modern fundraisers! The Stoic philosophers had a lot to say about desire. In their opinion, it was easier to reduce your desires than to pursue a never-ending shopping list of ‘wants and needs’. Rather than gratifying every desire that comes your way, it is better to minimise the desires themselves. Instead of wanting what you do not have, it is better to value what is already yours. Although not a Stoic himself, Epicurus su

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