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#15 Is your brand big enough to run an F2F campaign?

There’s no doubt that your consultant or fundraising specialist has told you that you need a regular giving product, and you know that face-to-face is the world’s leading source of these untied monthly donors. The problem seems to be that no agency will touch you because your name is not big enough.

Fear not, just because you are a small regional charity, it does not mean that you do not have a proposition that will work on the streets, doors and in the private sites of your chosen states.

You may have to pay a small premium on agency fees, and you might have to agree to a smaller trial volume than your larger contemporaries (500 rather than 1,000) but if those terms suit you, you can begin your F2F campaign.

I have represented over fifty charities, many of which were nearly unknown. The keys to success are an accessible pitch and emotional case studies. Even the most obscure causes can work in F2F if you pull these two levers.

Remember, Australia has over 10 million people who are eligible to pledge, and you only need a couple of thousand new donors.

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