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#12 Get the right mystery shoppers for your campaign

Have you ever found that your suppliers’ management team did not welcome the results of a mystery shop? Did this strike you as odd? Probably not, but there are a few reasons why your agency may not be to blame for their resistance in accepting all that your shopper tells you.

There are currently two types of shopper, and the feedback you give to your agencies must be dependent on this.

Firstly, you have the cheap and cheerful ‘retail’ style shoppers that typically inspect retail stores to experience the customer service and presentation of merchandise. These companies also shop fundraisers, but do so in a way that does not critique the content of the conversation, merely the presentation and pleasantness of the interaction, and will show how the normal member of the public will experience your teams.

Feedback given to your supplier from these agencies can include presentation and professionalism, but the shoppers are not skilled in gleaning the truth around length of donation, cancellations or the occurrence of a verification call. Keep it simple, “the fundraisers looked great, the stand was beautiful, but they were too rude and aggressive”.

Secondly, there are companies that usually cost a lot more, but give insight into the fundraiser’s understanding of the product, PFRA compliance and best practice acquisition. Some of these, including Fundraising Partners, take the time to learn your product and key messaging, and understand the methods used and can spot illegitimate practices.

All feedback from this type of shop can be shared and used to keep your fundraising teams in line with the expectations that you and your agency share.

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