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Guarding your charity's integrity: The power of supplier alignment and ongoing support

An area of our work that we know to be vital for the success of RG is due diligence and ongoing maintenance. We are fortunate enough to offer this service to a few high-performing RG programs in Australia.

A robust supply chain due diligence system, thorough contract support, and ongoing program maintenance of your face-to-face and telephone charity fundraising programs is pivotal for the Effectiveness, integrity, and reputation of your organisation.

1. We have found that aligning your charity with suppliers who share your values is essential. Hard, but essential. Collaborating with suppliers who understand and support your mission ensures that your fundraising activities are carried out in an ethical and socially responsible manner. This alignment helps safeguard your charity's reputation by preventing associations with those who engage in practices that contradict your organisational values.

2. Having a well-structured contract support system ensures clarity and accountability. Contracts with suppliers should clearly outline the terms and expectations, including ethical guidelines and compliance requirements. This not only provides a legal framework for your partnership but also serves as a tool for ongoing monitoring and evaluation. Contracts can include clauses that require suppliers to maintain transparency and adhere to your charity's values, thereby reducing the risk of any misalignment.

3. Ongoing maintenance of these programs is crucial for a thousand reason. Location management, personnel oversight, additional subcontracting opportunities and risks, addressing complaints swiftly, and many more. Just looking at complaint management is a whole section on its own! As donor trust is the cornerstone of successful fundraising, any complaints or concerns must be addressed promptly and transparently. An efficient system for monitoring and responding to complaints demonstrates your commitment to accountability and ethical behaviour, helping to maintain donor trust and the overall reputation of your charity.

All of this leads to the efficient operation of your fundraising programs – and happier suppliers. Regularly evaluating supplier performance allows you to identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments. This optimisation ensures that your charity's resources are used effectively and that your fundraising campaigns achieve their maximum potential.


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